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Second Crop Estimate (1600 X 900 Px) (2)

Second Crop Estimate for the 2023/2024 Season

*All cartons referenced equal 4.5 kg equivalent.

The South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) is pleased to announce a revised crop estimate for the 2023/2024 season, projecting a total of 75.8 million cartons inspected for export.  

The revised crop estimate represents a 3.8% increase on the season’s initial crop estimate released on 29 September 2023, and a 16% increase on the previous season’s actual volumes.  

The increase is due to higher than anticipated packing volumes in the Orange River Region. 

Packing in the Orange River Region is nearing completion, and current forecasts suggest a final inspection volume of approximately 23.9 million cartons. This exceeds the Orange River Region’s initial estimate of 21.1 million cartons, resulting in an upward revision of the national inspection volume.  

In the Northern Provinces, packing is nearing completion, and the estimated inspection volume remains unchanged at 5.8 million cartons.  

Similarly, the three Western Cape regions – Olifants River, Berg River, and Hex River – are on track with their original estimates, and packing is progressing smoothly.  

Anticipated volumes: Olifants River 3.4 million cartons, Berg River 19.1 million cartons and Hex River 23.5 million cartons. 

The revised crop estimate of 75.8 million cartons represents a healthy increase in South Africa’s national table grape volumes (65.2 million cartons inspected for export in the previous season).  

This bodes well for the South African table grape industry, indicating its ability to remain a reliable and significant supplier of high-quality grapes to international markets. 



Statistics Enquiries: 

Mr Jacques Ferreira 

Commercial Affairs Manager 

+2721 863 0366   

Press Enquiries:  

Ms. Mecia Petersen  

Market Development & Communications Manager  

+2721 863 0366  

About SATI  

SATI is the unified South African Table Grape Industry Association. All table grape producers are required to register with SATI, which is mandated by law as the industry’s official levy administrator. The levy is required to fund and facilitate market access and development, research and technology, information provision, transformation, and training. SATI is dedicated to operating a partnership that strives to maintain South Africa’s position as the preferred country of origin for retailers around the world. Contact: 

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