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Current, Additional & Extended Initiatives: Advisory and business consultancy desk for PDI farming businesses or entrepreneurs: Business Planning, Land Reform Services, Legal Advice – (entities, contracting, etc), Market Information, etc.

If the expertise is not within SATI or Partners it can be contracted through this desk for PDI farmers.

The aim is to support partnerships or equity schemes to protect both parties during the structuring of deals and ensuring compliance to the B-BBEE charter test.


SATI supports PDI farmers with expert production extension services on and off-farm.


Land and Agrarian reform beneficiaries supported by payment or subsidisation of auditable stipends to mentors. Mentors will be accredited by the Regional Transformation Committee. Regional Associations will be requested to identify potential mentors which have successful businesses. (business or technical mentors)


SATI purchases, or partly subsidises, table grape vines that are established on farms which are owned or shared by historically disadvantaged farmers. This programme serves as an industry cost-share (contribution) for various financing programmes.  Submission for applications is encouraged on an annual basis.


SATI bases its programmes on the hypothesis that, applied learning for middle managers, senior managers and business owners as well as business networks and correctly interpreted business information are key requirements for the success of historically disadvantaged table grape farmers.

Bursary Fund

The bursary fund targets the previously disadvantaged and impoverished individuals, especially those involved in the table grape industry and those part of a black empowerment business in the table grape industry.

Skills Audit

Fund to conduct skills audits and develop a training plan for table grape B-BBEE businesses.

Business & Financial Management Courses (accredited & non accredited courses)

Accredited or Non-Accredited business administration and leadership training opportunities are offered.

Modular Course

Accredited or Non-Accredited business administration and leadership training opportunities are offered.

SATI  Study Tour

SATI invites BBBEE Initiatives (Farmers or shareholders) on our cultivar study tour.

Purpose: To introduce black farmers and new entrants to the latest cultivars and breeders to broaden their knowledge and network.

Criteria: Must be a farmer from a table grape business. The farmer or business must make a financial contribution towards the tour, SATI will partially subsidise the study tour. Applicants must be in possession of a passport that is valid for the period of travel. Applicants must commit to write a report upon return within 7 days. Applicants must be in a management position. Applicants must be from a land reform and/or agrarian reform business. The application form must be completed in full.

For more information: Contact Wilton September at SATI

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