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Mecia Petersen Appointed as SATI CEO


Mecia Petersen will assume the role of CEO effective 01 July 2024.

Mecia joined SATI in March 2022 and has managed numerous key projects and initiatives in support of maintaining South Africa’s position as a preferred global supplier.

During her tenure Mecia has been instrumental in executing projects aligned with SATI’s strategic objectives, including collation of the SATI levy application, managing in-destination market development campaigns, implementing communications initiatives and various other projects.

Following a thorough recruitment process, the selection committee of the Board deemed Mecia the most suitable candidate for the position. The decision considered knowledge of SATI’s strategic focus areas, understanding of the global market environment and a suitable fit for the organisation.

“Mecia has demonstrated commitment to both the organisation and industry. Her skills and expertise are well placed to lead SATI towards its objective of maintaining South Africa’s position in key export markets whilst developing markets where opportunity for South African table grapes exists. Her collaborative approach is aligned with SATI’s objective of building and maintaining productive private-public working relationships. The Board welcomes Mecia’s appointment” says Anton Viljoen, SATI Board Chairman.

Prior to joining SATI Mecia held senior strategy development, marketing and project management positions. She holds an MBA from the University of Nottingham in the UK and 16 year’s work experience.

Mecia says “I look forward to working with the SATI team to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the industry. I am excited at the opportunity to contribute impactfully to one of South Africa’s key economic sectors and am proud to be a woman in Agri.”





Media Enquiries:

Ms. Mecia Petersen

Acting CEO

+2721 863 0366


About SATI

SATI is the unified South African Table Grape Industry Association. All table grape producers are required to register with SATI, which is mandated by law as the industry’s official levy administrator. The levy is required to fund and facilitate market access and development, research and technology, information provision, transformation, and training. SATI is dedicated to operating a partnership that strives to maintain South Africa’s position as the preferred country of origin for retailers around the world. Contact:


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