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Final Crop Estimate for the 2022/2023 Table Grape Season  

Final Crop Estimate for the 2022/2023 Table Grape Season  

The South African table grape industry expects 2022/2023 season volumes inspected for export to further decrease, following figures quoted in the second crop estimate published on the 20th of December 2022.

It is anticipated that overall harvest volumes will be approximately 18.2% lower than figures recorded in the 2021/2022 season, and 11,4% lower than the original estimate.

The revised crop estimate anticipates a total of approximately 63.6 million cartons (4.5kg equivalent) will be inspected for export, with the upper limit projected at 103% and the lower limit projected at 97% of this figure.

The main reason for a further decrease in the national crop estimate is ascribed to lower yields packed in the Hex River Region to date, as well as lower yields expected for remaining cultivars in the region. The crop estimate for this region has therefore been adjusted to 20.64 million cartons. This represents a reduction of 3.33 million cartons (4.5 kg equivalent) or 13.9% compared to the previous estimate.

The latest actual figures for the Orange River Region and Northern Regions, where the season has concluded, total 16.4 million and 5.6 million cartons respectively (4.5 kg equivalent).

Current crop estimates for the Olifants River Region (3 million cartons) and the Berg River Region (17.9 million cartons) remain unchanged.

This crop estimate represents a reasonable deduction based on multiple factors, including information currently available.


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