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Please note that the dispensations for patented varieties are directly arranged by the PBR’s with DAFF. The PBR’s will communicate the dispensations to the contracted growers directly. SATI does not have insight into such arrangements between the PBR’s and DAFF.

Producers and exporters of table grapes may apply for a dispensation to deviate from the prescribed minimum standards and requirements for the export of table grapes from South Africa. The prescribed request form must be used for this purpose and must contain all the necessary details of the applicant as well as a scientifically or technically justifiable motivation for the deviation in order for the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to evaluate the request.

DAFF may, at its discretion, request SATI to provide industry inputs on such requests in order to support DAFF in its decision making process. DAFF is however solely responsible for the final decision on any request.

Liner Dispensation (10/09/2020)
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Dispensation application form
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