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The book covers knowledge gleaned from research and practical experience that accumulated in South Africa over the past 100 years. Soil preparation, often regarded as deep tillage only, also includes many other forms of soil profile modifications such as ridging, drainage, terracing, reclamation of saline soils and even planting holes. Soil type predominantly determines what soil preparation practices and implements are required. The book aims to give practical information on these topics, but also to explain the background to such recommendations and to provide experiment evidence in support. Throughout the book, the aim of soil profile modification takes into account root distribution, which is a prerequisite for maximised and sustainable grapevine performance. The target readership is growers, students, technical advisors as well as researchers who wish to delve further into the subject in order to continue to work in this field.

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In 1994, Conradie published a manual providing guidelines for grapevine fertilisation. This manual provided a solid basis for industry over the years, but after 20 years new local and international information has become available and must be made available.  So, the need to review the existing guidelines and to update it by incorporating new research results or perspectives came about.

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In 1994 het Conradie ‘n bemestingsriglyne-handleiding vir wingerd gepubliseer. Dié handleiding bied ‘n stewige basis vir die dedryf maar na 20 jaar is dit so dat nuwe inligting oor bemesting van wingerd hetsy nasionaal of internasionaal beskikbaar raak. Die behoefte het gevolglik ontstaan dat die wingerdbemestingshandleiding van 1994 hersien moet word sodat nuwe navorsingsresultate wat verskyn of sienings water verander het binne die handleiding geïnkorporeer kan word.

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Cover Crops In Sa Vineyards Cover

Cover Crops in South African Vineyards

This book, based on decades of research by respected scientist Dr Johan Fourie, formerly of the ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij, describes the interaction of cover crops with vineyards, and how grape producers can integrate cover crops into their own systems. Cover crops offer many benefits to grape producers, having been shown to suppress weeds; reduce soil compaction and erosion; improve water infiltration and retention; and boost soil fertility. Fourie assessed many different cover crops to identify the best candidates for different regions and soil types. He conducted long-term trials in vineyards to determine cover – crop effects on weeds; water use; soil carbon, nitrogen and other minerals; and grapevine nitrogen, vegetative growth, and yields. Different cover-crop management strategies were also evaluated. Most of the trials ran for 10 – 12 years in vineyards at ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij research farms in Lutzville, Robertson, and Stellenbosch, representing three of the major grape-growing regions of South Africa. This book summarises the results, as well as results of trials in Keimoes and Oudtshoorn. It provides practical recommendations on establishing and managing cover crops in vineyards, and will be a valuable resource for grape producers throughout South Africa

Satiboek Eng Rootstock Book

Table Grape Rootstocks in South Africa

This book addresses current rootstock use and rootstock characteristics, including adaptability to soil conditions. It contains valuable information that will enable table grape growers to make rootstock choices for their specific cultivars, soil conditions and climate. Many research results are presented in an informative, visual and easy-to-interpret way.

Satiboek Afr Rootstock Book

Tafeldruif Onderstokke in Suid-Afrika

‘n hierdie boek word aandag geskenk aan aspekte soos die huidige onderstokgebruik en onderstok-eienskappe, insluitend aanpasbaarheid by grondtoestande. Dit bevat waardevolle inligting wat tafeldruifprodusente in staat sal stel om ‘n onderstokkeuse vir hul spesifieke kultivars, grondtoestande en klimaat te kan maak. ‘n Magdom navorsingresultate word op ‘n inligtingryke, visuele en toeganklike wyse aangebied.

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